Sunday, 27 April 2014

Imperial Guard, My Thoughts Part 3 - Elites

So Elites now, got a few changes to this section including the replacement of Stormtroopers and loss of Marbo.

Militarum Tempestus Platoons: The new version of Stormtroopers. Pretty much the same but without spec ops and can Rank Fire. Only difference between these guys and their own book is that these guys are not scoring but use Guard orders instead. I've been running a unit of 10 with 2 Volyguns in a Taurox Prime with Missile and Autocannons for 250 points. They have been working well but they've only actually received orders once maybe twice so I'm thinking of sticking them in as allies from the Tempestus book so that they're scoring and using a basic Commissar for the mandatory HQ as they're exactly the same in both books. They won't be able to receive orders now but when they go charging up the board they'll get to hold enemy objectives instead.

Ogryns: A great, hulking wall of meaty stupid. The only thing that stopped me getting them in the old book was the fact that they were metal. They're a fun unit but a costly one. for 40 points per model someone with T5 and 3 wounds isn't bad but with that 5+ save they are simply not competitive. Would absolutely take them in friendly games though.

Bullgryns: Riot Ogryns. I would take these guys in competitive games as well as friendlies. With the Slabshields they're a walking Aegis line and if the enemy shoots them they're not shooting what they're protecting, so that's win win. However my ideal unit would probably be 5 with Brute Shield and Mauls and a Ministorum Priest tagging along. 335 points for something that will walk up the board and batter the ever living shit out of what ever is unfortunate enough to get in their way.

Ratlings: 10 BS4 Sniper Rifles for a measly 100 points but they can run after shooting? Yes please!!

Wyrdvane Psykers: IE Psyker battle squad. Can take anything except telepathy. Meh.

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