Saturday, 19 April 2014

Second Guard Game

Today I played my second new codex game, 1500 points again and against a potential tournament Tau list. My list wasn't competitive but not a push over either. In the end though my lack of high strength shots meant that I couldn't reliably deal with the riptide. I also feel that loosing first turn was damaging to me as I lost a fair bit right off the bat including my heavy weapons squad and company commander (Yarrick was my Warlord). At the end of turn 5 I only had my Taurox Prime left while he still had about 1/4 of his army winning 3/0 on secondary objectives (neither of us had troops left).

What I learned was the a unit of 2 Wyverns are DEFINITELY WORTH IT. I could not stress that more, 130 points of awesome. They easily did more than anything else in my list. Also I need more high strength weapons, not just for Riptides but for vehicles too.

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