Monday, 14 April 2014

Astra Militarum, My Thoughts Part 1 - HQ

So Astra Milit... sod this stupid name, Imperial Guard have now been out for a few days. I've been looking over the codex and overall I'm impressed. Some things I liked are gone (MARBO!!!! NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) and some other stuff has gotten better. I'll break it down section by section and give my views on it.


Lets start with the Orks best mate, Yarrick. He's gone down by 40 points and is mostly the same. His statline hasn't changed but his force field now gives him a 4+ invul instead of "just try and wound me". He also has preferred enemy Orks and is a Senior Officer with Voice of Command so he can now issue orders too. As a regular user of Yarrick I cannot argue with his changes. For 40 points less he's gotten twice as useful.

Company Command Squads now. The big change here are the Advisors. They've all gotten cheaper and Bodyguards are gone. However the Astropath is now a level 1 telepathy psyker, officer of the fleet is in charge of both your own and the enemies reserves and needs to pass a leadership and the master of the ordinance does the exact same thing. They are also not characters any more and can't take carapace armour, krak grenades etc. The rest is same as before but with the new orders. Not bad, not bad at all.

Lord Commissars - Now only 65 points and can't be your Warlord if there is a Company Commander knocking about. Still not a bad option.

Tank Commanders are next on the list. They are commanders. In Tanks. You can take a Warlord in a Leman Russ. Because fuck challenges I have a battle cannon. You do need a second Russ in the unit with him but it's an armour 14 Warlord who literally destroys whole squads. His only downside is that he can't take any relics, but a Leman Russ with Will Not Die, Fear and a 4+ Invul would have probably been a bit too much :P

Commissars, the plain "don't you dare run away" variety. You get 1 per Command Squad (of any variety) and can't have more than 1 assigned to any single unit. Also you now combo squad before you roll for Warlord trait and assign Commissars after so no more half a dozen Commissars in a single blob squad. Can't argue with them for 25 points per model.

Primaris Psykers now do not take up a force org slot and are 50 points for a guy who can take anything but telepathy. +25 points and he gets level 2. Divination and a blob squad with First Rank Fire, hmm...

Ministorum Priests are now useful. He sings a song and stuff happens. He can make armour/invuls get re-rolled if they fail for him and his squad, turn into the Hulk or re-roll failed to wound rolls for him and his squad. 25 points, definitely worth thinking about if you have spare points.

Finally, Techpriest Enginseers. These guys are the same as before but 5 points cheaper. What's changed for the 5 points? Their servo-arms have been updated to match the Space Marine ones and their other trick? Pick a tank within 12", it now has Power of the Machine Spirit. I'm going to be putting these guys in Chimeras and running 12" up the board using machine spirit to fire Multi-Laser and Heavy Flamer because BURN HERETICS!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

I'll put a quick relic run down in here too.

The good ones:
Tactical Auto Reliquary - All doubles are inspired tactics for 25 points. Yes thank you.
Deathmask - 30 points for 4+ invul, Will Not Die and Fear. No complaints here.

The rest:
Laurels of Command: Make your Commander pretend to be a Tau Etherial for the day. Units within 6" choose whether to pass or fail morale checks but when he dies everyone in 6" takes a pinning test. Meh.
Kurov's Aquila: Robo-Bird grants preferred enemy against guys in 6" for 60 points and the bearer can auto-pass a single LD test per turn. For 60 points heck no I'll just take a 25 point priest instead.
Blade of Conquest: +1 Strength master crafted power sword for 25 points. Or I could have a Power Fist for the same cost.
Emperors Benediction: S5 AP4 bolt pistol with master crafted and precision shot. 5 Points and Lord Commissars only. Not bad but I've put it in here because of Precision Shot. Firstly that's not actually a listed special rule. Secondly being a character he gets that anyway, it's like the Missile Lock on the Dark Angels flyer, there is no point in it being there. Go ahead, check page 40-41 of the BRB, it's the P's section of the special rules. Precision Shot is not there.

Next time Troops, probably transports too.

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