Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Imperial Guard, My Thoughts Part 2 - Troops

Troops today, it'll only be a quick one as it's late.

Pretty much same as before but without characters which means no "send in the next wave" or outflank everything. My typical loadout is a cheap command squad, some infantry squads with just a grenade launcher and some heavy weapon squads. Occasionally I'll also stick a wannabe-marbo unit in for fun too (special weapons squad with 3x demo packs). Cheap and easy to use, that's what guard are about.

Veterans squads are 10 points cheaper base and the doctrines are also cheaper. Only Harker survived here and he lost infiltrate and stealth but gained relentless and Payback gained rending. I'll still use the same loadouts as before for my vets but at least they're cheaper now.

Gone up by 10 points and I can't work out why. It's not really gained anything, just lost 3 firepoints to be able to fire 6 lasguns. Better than the normal Taurox in my opinion.

Meh, take a chimera. For 15 points more you get +1 front armour, 2 more transport spaces, more guns, the turret weapon only has 1 less strength but 1 more shot and you can issue orders from it.

Taurox Prime:
Better. I like this one. It's got a second gun and it's fast with BS4 which means it can go 12" up the board and fire both weapons. Mine has Missiles and Autocannons for a neat 100 points. Expensive for a transport but it works well for Scions.

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