Friday, 17 January 2014

Clan Tactica: Heavy Support

Now it's time for the heavies. We've got a Thunderfire and Stormraven coming up here but I would like some Devastators as well.

Thunderfire Cannon
Right then the Thunderfire Cannon. This thing is one of the best 100 point investments you could make. The surface detonation round will deal with most units, it'll easily deal with clustered up units and isn't to bad against light vehicles. Airburst is great against Pathfinders and other cover camping units as well as when night fighting is in use. Finally is the rarely used Subterranean blast. This round might not seem useful but making a unit of terminators or daemonettes count as moving through difficult terrain can easily make the difference between being charged and charging. It's also handy against vehicles, but much less so (might immobilize them but it's doubtful). You only need to hit a unit for this to work so if you don't get a horrific scatter then this round will do it's job. Another little trick is that when you have a damaged artillery vehicle then this guy can sacrifice his shooting to repair it. Not bad if you're allied with Guard whose shots will do more damage.

Stormraven Gunship
Multi-melta, assault cannons, hurricane bolters. It's been slightly converted so it looks sleeker, i've not put any of the crap on top and the assault cannons have been moved under the wings. To cover the hole where the turret would have been I glued the inner doors from a land raider in there so it looks like it has an access point on the roof. I've only used it twice and so far it's going really well. It transports my Honour Guard in and turn 3 they charge out of it. It'll take a decent portion of a squad out and the stormstrike missiles are concussive which is good for charging a monstrous creature. I like to focus it's weapons on 1 unit at a time while the squad inside jumps out to assault a more important target. I might try it on a Skyshield so it can start on the table for added fear.

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