Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Clan Tactica: Army List

+++ INCOMING: Priority Alpha One Transmission +++
++ From: Deathwatch Kill Team Python ++
++ To: All Imperial Units within range ++

++ High priority Inquisitorial Asset is under assault ++
++ Requesting immediate reinforcements from any available units ++
++ The Emperor protects ++

+++ By order of Commander Ashmon +++
+++ Initiate Orbital Assault Protocols: Pattern Omega +++
++ Purge the weak ++

Sorry there isn't a battle report to match this and it's late but college has been pilling it on (2000 words on the purpose of concept art. go.) so i've been pre-occupied.

Anyway here is a sample, experimental 1750 points army list I have come up with. For this list I wanted something reasonably competitive and functional but with a theme that fits into a simple back story. The ideal mission for this list is the Relic and you'll see why when I explain the tactics.

Clan Raukaan Primary Detachment

Chapter Master (240)
- Gorgons Chains
- Terminator Armour (realized it's the same cost as artificer armour but gain relentless to fire the bombardment)
- Thunder Hammer
- Lightening Claw

5 Man Honour Guard (160)
- Chapter Standard

Master of the Forge (90)

10 Man Tactical Squad (195)
- Combi-Melta
- Melta Gun
- Drop Pod

10 Man Tactical Squad (200)
- Combi-Plasma
- Plasma Gun
- Drop Pod

5 Man Scout Squad (100)
- 3x Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
- 2x Shotgun - Land Speeder Storm
- Heavy Flamer

Fast Attack
5 Man Assault Marine Squad (95)
- 2x Flamers
- Drop Pod

Heavy Support
Dreadnought (130)
- Plasma Cannon
- Heavy Flamer

Stormraven Gunship (230)
- Hurricane Bolters

Imperial Bunker (90)
- Icarus Lascannon

Raptors Allied Detachment

Lias Issodon (175)

5 Man Scout Squad.(55)

Basic Tactics:

The Raptors infiltrate into the Bunker which is up front, out of my deployment zone. The Iron Hands Scouts then zoom up the board using the Bunker/terrain as cover in it's scout move. This unit is for harassing enemies, line breaker and being a deterrent to deep strikers that might want to land near my Bunker (termies) in the early game. Dreadnought, Honour Guard, Chapter Master and Master of the Forge are in the Stormraven. Master of the Forge can then repair the Dread and/or Raven as well as providing extra fire support if he needs to.

The first wave pods land near the Bunker to help secure it (accurately thanks to Issodon) or take out any AA that might be around. The Assault Marines will turn up in the second wave to contest objectives/aim for clustered up units. When the Raven turns up the units on board will either wait inside and assault out of it next turn at something that needs taking out or jump out at a weak point in my lines, if near the Bunker then Issodon stops their scatter. Dreadnought might drop out for additional fire support any way. The main targets I will be aiming at are their Troops to stop them scoring and high damage units like Riptides and Vindicators.

Hopefully I can put this list to work soon :)

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