Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Clan Tactica: Fast Attack

So here is my Fast Attack. As you can imagine Iron Hands aren't to into this section, the Clan Raukaan apocaylpse formation only has 1 Assault Squad and an Assault Centurion in there. Anyway lets get on with this.

Sorry the imagine isn't the best, need to get on with painting.
Assault Marines
These guys are a quick and easy one. They are there when I need a cheap (95 points) 3rd drop pod to get 3 into a list. The only upgrade they take is 2 flamers so when they jump out of the pod they can cause a fair bit of damage before their demise. That hasn't quite worked out yet. So far the one time I put them in a pod they took out about half of a Purifier squad before going down, the rest of the time I've used them as points fillers and kept the jump packs on where they do a surprising amount of damage, especially against Nids. Might get a second squad and leave the jump packs on so I can do either way.

Land Speeders
My Land Speeders don't come out very often. I have 2 models and 1 of those is usually a Storm. When I have fielded them as standard though I run them with Multi-Melta and Typhoon Missiles. Not the cheapest Land Speeder variant (85 points each) but they're versatile. The blasts can deal with hordes or I can turn the missile against MC's or light-medium armour and stand a good chance of taking it out at range. If heavy armour turns up I use the Speeders speed to zoom up the board and melta it to death. Being Iron Hands they also have It Will Not Die, they don't get to use it very often but it can come in handy. Another option (if my pods have locator beacons) is to deepstrike them and blast rear armour apart but I dislike this as my pods often land away from where I intended.

Tomorrow i'll be going over Heavy Support, then on Friday potential allies that I like and finally on Saturday a sample list that I may be taking to a tournament and how it works in game (maybe a battle report to go with it as well, haven't done one in a while).

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