Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Clan Tactica: Elites

Today I'll talk about the Elites that I use and plan to use. While I currently only have the 1 Dreadnought I do have a Contemptor and Legion MK-III Squad on the way so I'll speak about what I want to do with those.

This guy is for supporting my firing line. He's a decent hitter in combat and has a good shooting which is made better with the Venerable upgrade I always give him. Venerable is also handy for re-rolling explodes results even if he's going to die anyway to stop him taking other friendlies with him. To be honest he either does really well and makes his points back quickly or dies immediately to something stupid so it's a bit hit a miss. I might try him with the Assault Cannon instead of the Plasma Cannon to see if that helps him out a bit. I'll also try and fit a techmarine into my lists more often to keep him going. I've done it once but should try it more often.

I plan on using this guy as an Ironclad. He'll go on to the back of the Stormraven to assault something else to the Honour Guard. 1 threat coming out of a flyer is one thing, but 2 units is another. Ideally he'll go after heavy weapons that can damage the Raven so it'll be safe next turn with a Tactical Squad from a Drop Pod having already dealt with dedicated AA (IE Quad Guns and Stalkers) so it'll get to where it needs to straight away. I'm also planning on magnetizing on one of his combat arms with a spare Plasma Cannon from the Stormraven so he can also be a Venerable if needed.

Legion MK-III Squad
I'll interchanging these guys between being Sternguard and Legion of the Damned.

When they're Sternguard they'll bulk up my firing line. I don't see why people spend 205+ points on a squad whose job is specifically to land, kill 1 thing then die. It's a waste of models with awesome rules. The best use of Sternguard I've seen (and unfortunately faced) was 8 Blood Angels with a Storm Shield, Prescience, Terminator Librarian in a Drop Pod. The Libby takes the hits with his 2+/3++ while the squad rapid fires everything to death with re-roll to hits. I won't bother putting mine in the pod, they won't have combi-weapons so there is no point, hence why they're bulking up my main force.

As The Legion however they will be going after cover campers (looking at you Pathfinders) and generally being annoying in the enemies deployment zone to take the pressure off of other units. 3++ is surprisingly difficult to shift despite being on only 5 guys. Might throw in a heavy weapon for tank busting just in case.

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