Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Enemy Returns

Yesterday my Iron Hands got to have a 1750 point game against a friends Death Guard now he's back in town. Our games are usually quite close so it's always fun to play each other and we both tried some new things out.

His list was a nurgle lord on bike, 4 units of 7 plague marines, 7 bikers, defence line with quad gun, hellbrute with lascannon and daemon prince of nurgle. Mine was a chaplain, master of the forge, 10 assault marines, 3 units of tac marines in pods, assault centurions, venerable dread, ironclad dread and a unit of 3 rapier laser destroyers.

Over all it was pretty even, that damned prince managed to get enfeeble and iron arm because that's what nurgle needs. Like I said though it was pretty even, then his bikers got into my assault centurions and chaplain (which were enfeebled) and it started going down hill for him right there. The cents took out all of the bikers while the lord knocked out the chaplain. The lord then beat the crap out the cents too (god damn enfeeble!!) while I slowly whittled his army down with numbers.

In the end it came down to his lord against my master of the forge with conversion beamer and shield eternal. Eventually though I managed get through his T6 and 3+ armour to kill the bastard.

Since then I've tweaked the list to make it more effective. Changed some wargear around, taken out the conversion beamer completely and upgrading the assault marines to vanguard vets being the main ones. HOPEFULLY I can get a battle report done with the list on saturday, keep meaning to do one. There will be pictures going up sunday though, got the tales apoc game so it should be a good one!

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