Wednesday, 26 March 2014


The Champions of the Apocalypse
As promised, the pics from Sundays apocalyptic Tale of Many Gamers battle. Despite the long waits during the enemies turn, having to take it in turns to fire and me having to leave early (god damn relatives and their birthdays! :P ) it was a great game. Shame I couldn't use my Strategic Asset card, firing one of those apocalyptic barrage templates instead of overwatching would have been funny as hell to see it go off!

One one side there was myself (Iron Hands, Imperial Guard and a little bit of Inquisition thrown in for good measure), Death Guard and Eldar (yellow but not Iyanden) facing up against the Dark Angels and Gay (or Grey, depends how you pronounce it :P ) Knights with a small Blood Angels army showing up half way through, on it's own in the middle of the board. Roughly 10k points per side (not counting BA as a side).

That's a lot of power armour.

Doesn't seem fair does it? Good job I've got plenty of Pods in reserve!

Another view of the deployment.
Insert flight of the valkyries here.
There is a reason this is called Apocalypse.

At the end of the day though it was a good laugh, which is what Apocalypse is about. Things might have looked bleak in our turn with stuff dying here, there and every where but then in their turn the same thing happened right back. Ever seen the majority of the Purifier Order get taken out in a couple of shots? I have and it was freaking awesome!

Final result ended up being 4045 - 4019 to us which counts as a tie, then the Eldar played their Strategic Asset and guess what it was. Roll a die, on anything but a 1 you win the game if it's a draw. Thank the God Emperor for those pointy eared xenos and their trickery ways. It's not heretical, I was using on Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who said it's fine :P.

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  1. That was a bloody good game and just about as closer as they come ;)