Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Clan Assemble!!

So I've recently done some working out on excel to found out just how many points my Clan comes to. As it currently stands, WYSIWYG (Contemptor counting as an Ironclad) with no allies, buildings or lords of war my Clan comes in at 3500 points dead. Damn, that's quite a bit! I started these guys with a few scattered marines I had lying around back when the 6th ed codex came out, now it's over half way to full Clan strength. Currently it breaks down like this:

HQ: 1280 Points, 9 Units, 17 Models
Troops: 915 Points, 5 Units, 50 Models
Elites: 630 Points, 4 Units, 10 Models
Fast Attack: 380 Points, 3 Units, 16 Models
Heavy Support: 295 Points, 2 Units, 4 Models
Total: 3500 Points, 23 Units, 97 Models

All of the upgrades I've used are how I would field the unit actually in game. Of course if I spammed upgrades like a mad man to get it up to the most number of points I could it would be much higher, but what's the point in that? It wouldn't give an accurate representation of my force. Also transports are counted as part of the squad they are attached to for units and the HQ section includes the units in my army that count as HQ's but don't take up a slot. I could tweak it slightly (swap Vaylund Cal out for a normal Techmarine) to have a legal army with duel force org.

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