Monday, 28 October 2013

Vanguard VS Honour Guard

So i was talking to someone the other day and mentioned some plans for my Iron Hands. One of those plans was to include an Honour Guard for my Chapter Master for a tough assault unit that can handle being on it's own if needed. "Why not use Vanguard instead, they're cheaper?" was his response. I've seen responses to things like this before. At base cost, yes Vanguard are cheaper, but that's base cost only.

A single Vanguard with a power weapon is 34 points.
A single Honour Guard is 25 points base.

What difference do those 9 points make? What makes Vanguard so much better?
Well firstly the Vets take up an elites slot. Not really a positive as i want dreadnoughts in these, maybe some Assault Centurions.
Cheap jump packs? Not handy at all as they'll be in a drop pod or stormraven anyway.
Heroic Intervention? Can't see it ever getting used.

Lets try this from the other side. What makes Honour Guard so much better?
For 9 LESS points you get the same stat line (with +1 LD), a power weapon, a bolt pistol, a boltgun, doens't take up a force org slot and everyone has artificer armour. This gives them better shooting, better armour and the same combat punch for 9 points less per model. Oh and the chapter champ who ensures my Chapter Master batters as many people in combat as possible. That's not even counting the 25 point Chapter Banner that does not replace any wargear and gives the unit +1 attack and nearby marines a re-roll on morale and pinning tests (champ has 6 attacks on the charge with that!!).

5 Vanguard with power weapons is 170 points.
6 Honour Guard/5 Honour Guard with the Chapter Banner are 170 points.

Are Vanguard really that much better? Apparently not.

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  1. I guess I'm a little different when it comes to choices like this. I almost always choose something based on whether it would fit the aesthetic of my army as opposed to the competitive choice. Take the Eldar for example, on paper a Dire Avenger is better than a Guardian, but as I run Ulthwé, I am going to take Guardians regardless.

    The other determining factor is whether I just feel like running something, like if I've just dropped a wedge of cash on a model, for example, the Wraithknight.

    Remember, choosing one option over another because it doesn't fit the theme of your army is just as legit a reason as a competitive choice.