Sunday, 27 October 2013

ToMG Part 1

This is my first hand in for Tale of Many Gamers. My Chapter Master and a Combat Squad with Plasma Gun and Combi-Plasma.

The Chapter Master i've shown before, but now he's 100% done. In games he has Artificer Armour, Shield Eternal (the backpack generates a personal force field that has the same effect to satisfy WYSIWYG), Thunder Hammer and Digital Weapons for a meaty 240 points. That may seem like a lot but this guy will be one tough son of a bitch to try and get warlord from.

This is my first Combat Squad. The reason the sarge has a boltgun and combi-plasma is simple. The pistol wont be used. He's coming down in a drop pod so if he ends up in combat it's because he's been charged. A chainsword would be worse than the pistol as at least i could charge after firing the pistol. He's having a combi-weapon as that effectively doubles the firepower of my special weapons on the turn they land. Rule of Cool then kicks in which states duel wielding a pair of 2 handed weapons is badass. I took inspiration from this picture right here:

For the second hand in we've got a second troops choice and a unit of our choice. I've checked and dedicated transports can be placed into the "own choice" rather than same slot as the unit if we want. So my second hand in will be combat squad 2 with Grav Gun and Combi-Grav and a Drop Pod. I should have those done fairly soon, just need to work out exactly HOW i'm going to paint the pod.

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