Monday, 28 October 2013

Getting Ahead of the Game: ToMG Part 2

This is the second hand in for ToMG completed. This time i've added a drop pod (which i now know what i'm doing, not doing the others like that!) and another combat squad.

Here is the second Combat Squad. Grav Gun and Combi-Grav. Yet again the sarge has a combi-weapon and a boltgun. It'll be a recurring theme in the army. The others should also have a white stripe along the vent on top of the helmet like normal Iron Hands sergeants seem to have.

With the pod i painted the metalic bits silver and drybrushed Tin Bitz on it to try and get a bit a damage on the way in. That didn't quite work. Next time i'll stick to doing the same thing i did with the normal troops. The annoying part though is the models look worse with the flash but you can't see them properly without it.


  1. Just a friendly comment, but now that you pretty much have two checkins done already, try and push yourself a bit more on your painting. Simple things are really effective like picking out details on the models and drybrushing a highlight onto your base to give it a bit more depth.

    The problem you'll find (as both myself and Matt have found out) is that black needs a lot of work to really pop on the table, why not try a bit of freehand while your at it?

    1. i am tempted by free-handing the chapter symbol on the shoulders, i've just never really done it before other than that boltgun on the banner from ages ago but that was a larger surface.

    2. I've not really done a lot of freehand, yet I'm freehanding all the Raven Guard chapter symbols onto my squad. If I'm honest, the Iron Hands chapter symbol doesn't look too difficult, use a fine detail brush, don't overload the brush and most importantly, break the symbol down into simple shapes. Use one of your spare pads and give it a go =)

  2. You'll have a spare shoulder pad out two, basecoat them and have a go. I pushed myself with how I do my red colouration, shat my pants I might bugger it up, but as a result I'm having to basically re-do my whole army.

    Scary but worth it dude. You've got the opportunity to push yourself, take it. the results will speak for themselves, look at your captain, he's amazing dude.

    As for the bases, Black(dark) models need a good base, yours are cool, but even a light-ish dry brush of xv-88 would be enough to give it that extra punch.

    On the whole though, they look bloody brilliant! Dave's got a bastard of a job judging this years lol