Sunday, 20 October 2013


Today my uncle gave me several boxes of old gaming stuff. Hence forth the stuff shall be known as the loot.

Firstly is a box of old High Elves, including 40 blokes with bows, 43 dudes with spears and shields, 14 horses, 3 uber arrow things, a flag, and 12 guys with swords, shields and bows with arrows. I do not play Elves so these guys mean nothing but they look cool.

Next up in The Loot is a tin of Danish Legend Biscuits which expired 30/12/1991. As you can imagine i was a bit worried about opening this one up. Luckily instead of mutated biscuits of doom i got quite a few constipated beaky marines, roughly 30 at a guess and possibly rogue trader ones at that (still need to go through these). Included as well were 5 old metal Eldar and a metal Rapier Laser Destroyer along with a ninja on a hex base. Marines use ninjas right?

Finally and one of the things that really caught my eye was a fleet. This fleet is apparently for "Star Fleet Battles" and is a Star Trek Federation fleet. There are 3 Miranda Classes (USS Reliant was one of these), 6 Constitution Refits (IE Enterprise-A) and 6 unknown but big and funny looking ships. Most of these needed repairs, but they're mostly done. Oh and there was a single Klingon Bird of Prey in there too. Not really an even match up, reverse Kobyashi Maru perhaps?

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  1. Show those funny looking ships, I want to see if I can identify them :P