Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Today i just wanted to speak about battlefleet gothic, possibly the best game GW have made. Unfortunately being labelled as a "specialist game" meant it wasn't too popular and is now out of production, but the rules are still free from the GW website so get them while you can.

I played my first game in ages the other day, just a cruiser clash with us each having 1 Strike Cruiser, 1 Mars Battlecruiser with a lvl 1 admiral and a Lunar class Cruiser too. This meant we could cover pretty much everything including the dreaded nova cannon (damn that thing is powerful!).

My opponent had to go about half way through at which point his strike cruiser was destroyed and i'd taken little damage. Another player stepped in and preceded to table me, getting a double kill with 1 ship (nova cannon scores a direct hit killing 1, lances knock out the other). I almost take out his flagship but my Strike Cruiser was no match for a Mars and a Lunar focusing on it.

It was a fun game and has gotten me back into BFG (not at a good time for the game though). I'm now planning on converting a Tyranid fleet (gorgoyles would make decent cruisers with a slight bit of work) and an Ork one (or at least an Ork Space Hulk) so i can play larger games and maybe get some pics or a battle report up on here one day soon.

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