Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Flesh is Weak

In my last post i mentioned about starting Iron Hands. The reason for this is simple. I like Drop Pods. I like Dreadnoughts. Despite the grumblings of the internet they work in 6th ed (oh but hull points nerfed them majorly! Bullshit, try telling that to one of my Ironclads!) and giving them It Will Not Die just makes them better than ever (and IWND drop pods is simply funny).

My plan for the army is fairly simple. A few Tactical Squads provide the bulk of the army, with some Devastator Centurions providing back up (they're so much nicer in person than the pics) and an Assault Marine unit for rapid response around my main force. Then i start raining dreadnoughts around the enemy, with a tooled up chapter master and some Sternguard/more Tacticals in another pod to land later for additional support. Maybe throw in a whirlwind with a near by master of the forge in larger points games (more dreadnoughts = more fun).

As i go about creating this army i'll post updates on here. I currently have a converted Chaplain (one of my favourite models from my previous marine force, couldn't let him go) and a pair of drop pods. Hopefully i'll be getting the strike force soon (such a good box, you save about £50 and get a reasonable 1k list) and that'll really boost me up to the sort of thing i'm after.

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