Monday, 16 September 2013

Armies on Parade

This year i entered armies on parade. Considering i threw the thing together in a week it didn't come out too bad however i only came 3rd (agree with who came first but second place had nothing almost nothing on it).

There it is. The story behind it is that the chaos and guard were allies to defeat the necrons, now the necrons are all dead they've turned on each other. This allowed me to get the guard in as an allied detachment to show off the battle without having to glue them down as you would have before 6th edition.

The board you can kinda see to the left is a 1k nid army, built and painted in a week on a board that was sprayed black and then sprayed white. That was it and it came second. Top left board "Regicide" was a chess board using the Dark Vengeance against Assault on Black Reach with a few extra models thrown in (assault marines as knights, chaplains as bishops etc) and i agree that should have won overall.

I'll reuse the board next year but re paint the building so it matches the defense line and probably use my up coming Iron Hands instead. More on the marines later though. 

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  1. The voting sucked, too many people voted on a personal agenda it seemed.