Sunday, 22 September 2013


Today i actually got to play against the new marines book. 1k points my necrons vs his "imperial fists" (some kid, roughly 8, using some proxies and half unpainted plastic grey/half ultramarine colours). Although i won 5-1 he didn't make it easy.

What i learnt was that marines are cheap now. Because of this i was facing lots of tacticals, some sternguard, an ironclad and a vindicator with a libby who drew puppet master and psychic shriek for good measure. I was outnumbered by marines at 1k with my necrons, that's never happened before and it was scary.

Bolter Drill is powerful. might not sound like a lot but if you have a lot of bolters you will be re-rolling a lot of 1's.

FUCKING VINDICATORS!!!!! (don't give a crap what the internet says gauss is NOT an instant win for necrons against vehicles, never has been and never will be)

Deathmarks may start on the board but turn 2 they'll be rolling to come in from reserve (last 3 games they've mishapped from the veil on turn 1 and gone into reserve).

Sterngaurd kill warriors really easily.

Flyers aren't as good as they sound (kill 1 marine then arc onto my own warriors killing 2. GG necron pilot).

Overall i was impressed, if someone with more experience had used that list they could have tabled me. I had 1 objective, First Blood and Slay the Warlord, he had Warlord and there was 1 objective i was only just contesting. Another turn and i would have lost, not doubt about that. Makes me want to start my Iron Hands sooner!

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