Thursday, 21 May 2015

Trek Updates

So for my first post back I thought I'd start things off with some news on the Trek front. The Collective scenario set is now over. In the final tournament I came 2nd for the individual tournament but 1st over the set of 3. This snagged me the Assimiltion Target Prime (assimilated galaxy class). However as I don't play Borg or Mirror Universe I traded it with a Borg player for the Stargazer, a nifty little ship and Picards first command. Not a bad little ship for the points and some nice upgrades too including the Picard Maneuver. I also picked up the new USS Pegasus today, Rikers first ship out of the academy. It's not the best ship, fairly weak, no stopping power, no weapon upgrades and can't move faster than 3. But it is very maneuverable, cheap (20 points for the named) and being a science vessel can take a fair few tech upgrades. Speaking of Tech it comes with some Specialized Shields, a Phased Cloaking Device and (at last) an Escape Pod! For 1 point and a Tech slot you can save your captain and 2 crew members from death by pinging them out at the last second. Hopefully they'll be picked up before they're blown up.

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