Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Joys of Victory

On Friday I had a 40k game against someone who is constantly moaning at me over everything I do in the hobby, from how I build models to painting and even telling my opponents what to do to beat me.

I'd had enough and so challenged them to a game, 1500 points 40k. For a while now I've been using my Iron Hands, Chapter Master Smashy with Assault Centurions in most lists. Not knowing what they were taking and that they'll probably be tailoring (which they did) I took a completely different army. My Necrons. Trazyn, Zahndrek, 5 Lychguard (sword + shield), 2 Lords (orbs), Triarch Stalker, 20 Warriors, 10 Immortals and a Monolith. A pretty pathetic list by most Necron standards, no tesla destructors, no Deathmarks, no doomsday cannon, no Wraiths and only a single set of mindshackle scarabs with no warscythes in sight. He took Chaos Marines. Abaddon with termies in a Land Raider, Kharn and some Zerkers in a Rhino then 2 squads of Marines in Rhinos. I think they had Plasma Guns.

I deployed first and made him go first (mission was 1 objective in each deployment zone). He charged up the board and sat there and the half way line. I moved my Warrior block forwards and used Zahndrek to give them tank hunters and the Stalker knocked a hull point off of the Raider before the Warriors shot the ever living (see what I did there :P ) crap out of it. The tesla Immortals then take out a Terminator that bailed from the wrecked Land Raider.

Next turn everything else jumped out of the Rhino's and a Lychguard was killed. Abaddon charged into the Warriors, another termie dying in the overwatch. Abaddon kills the Lord and takes out a few Warriors, the Warriors in turn taking out the rest of the termies through sheer number of attacks. Warriors then run away but rally at the start of my turn. They then shoot Abaddon down to 2 wounds.

Then the fun begins. Zahndrek takes away the Zerkers Counter Attack and gives the Lychguard Furious Charge. They then charge in, Trazyn taking on Kharn in the Challenge. Kharn hits first, passing his Mindshackle and rolling 3 1's. That's 3 dead Zerkers straight away. He then rolls snake eyes to wound Trazyn. Trazyn does nothing back. Loose a Lychguard (who re-animates) then take the Zerkers down to 1 model + Kharn. Next turn Kharn realises Khorne is the blood god, and Necrons don't bleed. His solution is to remove his own head. After all, if Khorne doesn't care where the blood comes from why should Kharn?

After that not much happened, just a case of going through his army unit by unit until it was gone. Of course it wasn't that he tailored and faced another army that he lost, or even some bad luck (even I admit his dice let him down a couple of times) but that I had taken a cheesy, overpowered army. He wouldn't even accept that that was nothing compared to what Necrons can do. Oh well, I guess some people are just dicks.

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  1. Nothing you can really do about these types of people...just enjoy yourself and have a good time. That aggravates them more then anything else :).