Monday, 30 December 2013

ToMG Week ... whatever number we're on now :P

So this is my latest hand in, I've added in a Chaplain (who doesn't love a mad priest who makes your combat unit stabbier), my Thunderfire with Techmarine as well as an entire Imperial Guard Detachment. OK I cheated with the Guard, they're re-based ones from last years ToMG, but they've only been put in to shut certain people (person) up. Now for some pics:

The Thunderfire and Techy
Chaplain, converted from Death Company bits.
The allied Guard. Commissar, Vets and a Tank
Next one is going to be a big one, I've got a Strikeforce and Stormraven on the way as well as some Forge World goodies. Later I'll post some pics of other peoples entries.

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