Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Clan Raukaan - A First Look

So i've finally got my hands on the Raukaan supplement and i'm quite happy with it. Firstly you get a load of background which the Iron Hands were lacking. Secondly the relics are much better than codex ones. Gorgons Chains for example, they have the same effect as the shield eternal but +1 to FNP instead of adamantium will. As the character looses wounds it's effects get weaker, but when hammer time has 2 wounds left he still has a 3+ invul just no eternal warrior which probably wont matter when he's that low on health. It also leaves his other hand free which means he can take another weapon. I'm thinking lightening claw for +1 attack (2 specialist weapons) and he can then hit normal guys at normal initiative and save the hammer for the big guys. To trade the shield for the claw and chains takes him up from 240 to 250 points, back down to 240 if i take his digital weapons off of him as well. that's not bad at all.

Other relics include Minforge Stave, 15 points for a force thunder hammer that is not a specalist weapon. Not bad, just need a libby to start putting this to use. May use it at an invasion event. Then there is Betrayers Bane, a 25 point master crafted combi-melta that can fire the melta shots as many times as I want. About time marines started taking spare ammo for their guns :)

Finally warlord traits. All but 2 of them will benefit hammer time much more from these than marine or rulebook ones. +1 feel no pain, fearless, crusader bubble. They'll all be more welcome than fear and marines in 12" using his leadership for morale.

Overall I think i'm going to like using this supplement.

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  1. Nice run down danny, im thinking of a chapter that al use these tac's but in dif colours, love it!.