Sunday, 21 June 2015

Fight for Desperation: Game 1

Our local GW is currently running a campaign called the Fight for Desperation. Pretty simple and they are using a mix of Eternal War, Maelstrom of War and Altar of War missions as well so there is a lot of variety in the scenarios. Also we must stick with our main codex throughout the whole thing, so I chose Cult Mechanicus as I just love the Tech Priest Dominus model and it's probably my best painted model to date.

The blurry picture doesn't do him justice.

My first campaign game was again Adam and his Imperial Fists. I got to choose the scenario so chose a Tau one from the Alter of War book. The idea behind the scenario is that they are testing out a new piece of tech so I thought it'd be ideal for the Mechanicus. I got to choose a unit (in this case my assassins) and they roll on the Tau Tech Toy Table for an upgrade, in this case a single ranged weapon in the unit gains Large Blast. Holy shit the 5 shot burst pistol just got stupid! After that it was just one fuck up after another to the point where we both did stupid stuff because why not. Adam thunderfired his own drop pod because it couldn't do anything and was annoying him, my Techpriest hugged Lysander and the Servitors zapped him and to top it off my last model, a lone Skitarii Ranger, attempted to jump off the roof of a building to commit suicide and survived to be gunned down by a Heavy Bolter. So yeah I got tabled but I learnt some things that'll be useful in the future. Don't keep rolling 1's to wound is probably a good place to start.

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